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A Delegation from South Africa's Zwani University of Technology Visited Our School

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A Delegation from South Africa's Zwani University of Technology Visited Our School

April 22 solstice 25,Tshwane University of Technology(Short Name TUT) Dean of architecture, school of engineering Professor Jacques Laubscher visited our school for exchange.President Jin Fengxiang met with the guests and held cordial talks with them. Heads of International Exchange and Cooperation department, institute of building and urban planning and other departments attended the meeting.Jin Fengxiang first extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced the basic situation of our school.He pointed out that our school is very close to TUT in terms of discipline and major setting, and both of them have achieved outstanding scientific research results in the field of green building. The two schools have their own advantages and characteristics, so we should carry out in-depth international cooperation in teaching and research.Professor Jacques Laubscheer sincerely thanked our school for the warm reception, highly appraised our school's achievements in teaching and scientific research, and expressed good willingness to cooperate.Jin Fengxiang once led a team to visit the school in 2018. As the dean of architecture, professor Jacques Laubuscher is the first TUT professor to pay a formal return visit. The leader of the school plans to lead a group to visit the school in the second half of 2019.

The symposium was held in xueshan book garden. International Exchange and Cooperation department, institute of building and urban planning related heads and key teachers attended the meeting. The symposium was presided over by Chen Baoming, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation department and dean of the school of international education. Li Xiao, deputy director of the international exchange and cooperation department, introduced the general situation of the school and the international exchange and cooperation projects carried out by our school to the foreign guests.Tong Hui, President of the institute, and Ren Zhen, vice President, introduced to the foreign guests the general situation of the major of theinstitute, the faculty and the teaching and research achievements.Professor Jacques Laubscheer introduced the subject setting of TUT department of architecture in detail, and introduced the relevant conditions of undergraduate, master and doctoral programs. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on teaching and scientific research and reached a number of consensus.

During the visit, professor Jacques laubuscher visited the institute of architectural town planning and gave a lecture entitled "architecture for South Africa.Professor Jacques Laubscheer had a broad exchange with the key teachers of the institute of architectural and urban planning on the teaching philosophy, teaching system and teaching methods of both sides, and discussed in detail the development of student training and scientific research cooperation between the two sides.The guests focused on the teaching experiment integrated passive room and had a discussion with the relevant research teams on green building, passive technology, environmental testing and doctoral research.

Zwani University of science and technology is the largest local technical university in South Africa, which was merged in 2004. It is the first academic institution in South Africa to include an association of entrepreneurs.The university is located on an area of about 296 hectares west of the centre of Pretoria, the administrative capital of the republic of South Africa. The school is known for its beautiful environment, well-developed campus, friendly atmosphere and diverse native plants.The school has a strong faculty and tends to lead in research and academic status. Its engineering field, civil architecture field and so on and our school has a broad space for cooperation.

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