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Introduction to School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering

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The School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering has three undergraduate majors, namely, Water Supply and Drainage Science & Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Biological Engineering. It offers three master degrees in municipal engineering, environmental engineering, and environmental science. And it also offers the engineering master degree in municipal engineering in the construction and civil engineering field. Water Supply and Drainage Science & Engineering is a unique characteristic specialty in Shandong province, and it is a key specialty in the "Elite School Program" in Shandong province. This major is approved as an "Excellent Engineer Training Plan" of the Ministry of Education of China. At the same time, the school possesses a comprehensive and key laboratory for research on water supply and drainage among Shandong higher-education colleges, the provincial engineering research center for municipal wastewater treatment and reuse, and six university-level research institutes or centers.

At present, the school has 79 faculty and staff, including 66 full-time teachers, two academicians shared with other universities, 12 professors, 27 associate professors, and 29 teachers holding the Doctor's degree, one State Council Expert for Special Allowance, two young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong province, one new century talent recruited by the Ministry of Education of China. The school has 1381 full-time undergraduate students and 105 postgraduate students.

The school continues to optimize the environment for innovation. The quantity and level of academic papers, scientific research programs, and awards have been improved significantly. Since the 11th Five-Year Plan, the school has published 700-plus academic papers, among which 200-plus are indexed by the SCI and EI index systems, and it has been granted 50-plus national patents and completed five standards and 12 books as a main drafter. The school has undertaken two projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundations of China, two projects sponsored by the state, six subjects on water pollution control and treatment sponsored by National Science and Technology Major Project, and 50-plus provincial and ministerial research projects. All these projects amount to more than RMB 20 millions. With achievements in these projects, the school won two first prizes, three second prizes, and two third prizes of the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award.

In recent years, the school has persisted in the training objectives of "laying a solid foundation and highlighting unique features" to satisfy social needs and student employment. It highlights the education and training of students to be engaged in engineering projects, and cultivation of innovation spirit and research capability. It also strengthens the philosophy of education for engineering applications. It has initially established the teaching contents and curriculum system characterized by "diversified courses, streamlined curriculum, reinforced foundation, expanded applications, and a leading role in each specialty". It has built the training model for innovative applications. The employment rate of graduates and the rate of graduates enrolled in postgraduate education have increased steadily. The school has received good social reputation.

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