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Introduction to School of Information and Electrical Engineering

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The School of Information and Electrical Engineering is one of the earliest founded departments of Shandong Jianzhu University, evolving through several stages including Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation, and Department of Information and Electrical Engineering, and was renamed School of Information and Electrical Engineering in 2004. Currently, the school has 92 faculty and staff, including 14 professors, 28 associate professors, four senior experimentalists and engineers, 43 with Ph.D. degree (including would-be Ph.D), 35 master supervisors. It has one Shandong province "Taishan Scholar" overseas distinguished professor, one Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province, one State Council Expert for Special Allowance, one Chief Expert in Key Disciplines among Shandong Province Universities, one Shandong Province Famous Teacher, and two of the Ten Excellent Teachers of Shandong Province Universities.

The school has five undergraduate majors, namely, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Architecture Electrical and Intelligent Engineering, and Internet of Things Engineering, as well as one associate major in Intelligent Building Engineering Technology (corporation with the United Kingdom), and Electrical Engineering and Automation is a national characteristic major. It offers the master's degree for the level-1 specialty of Control Science and Engineering, and Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment is a 12th Five–Year key discipline in Shandong province. It also offers the mater's degree for engineering in the field of control engineering. Currently, it has 1800-plus full-time undergraduate students and approximately 100 postgraduate students.

The school has excellent teaching, scientific research and laboratory facilities, and has developed distinctive characteristics and advantages in such fields as Architecture Intelligence and Electronic and Information Technology. The school owns the Shandong Province Key Laboratory in Intelligent Building Technology, Shandong Province Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center for Electrotechnics and Electronics, and Shandong Province Universities Key Disciplines Teaching and Experiment Center in Embedding Technology and Intelligent Control. The laboratory occupies a total area of more than 3800 square meters with a fixed asset of more than RMB 18 million. Currently, the laboratory is affiliated to Shandong Province Expert Committee in Intelligent Buildings, Shandong Province Special Committee in System Integration, and Special Committee in Intelligent Buildings under Shandong Institute of Automation. Through decades of development, the school has cultivated five major research subjects, namely, intelligent building equipment, intelligent environment and networking control, building energy consumption and energy-saving control, intelligent devices for home services, and mode recognition and intelligent information processing. During last five years, the school has carried out more than 40 projects including those under the national "863 Program", those sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and provincial projects. The longitudinal investment in these projects totals to more than RMB 13 million. In addition, the school won 60-plus national patents, four second prizes and 10-plus third prizes of Shandong Scientific & Technological Progress Award. We have published more than 500 papers in foreign journals and national core journals and more than 40 books and textbooks.

The school always attaches great importance to reform of education and teaching to improve the quality of talent training. Currently, we have a talent training innovation center among Shandong province universities, a project under the excellent engineer training program of Ministry of Education in electrical engineering and automation, a provincial-level teaching team in Intelligent Building Technology, and provincial-level excellent courses in Fundamentals of Electronic Technology. Moreover, the school has arrived at more than 10 teaching achievements and was granted provincial awards. Especially, it has made outstanding achievements in cultivating students' capability in technological innovation. During the latest five years, the students have participated in many competitions and won more than 10 national awards and more than 100 provincial awards. For decades, the school has cultivated thousands of technical persons for Shandong Province construction industry who are highly competent and have distinctive and practical capability in electrical and information engineering. The graduates from our school are well accepted by companies for recruitment and the employment rate reaches up to 95%. This has brought the school the honor of School with Outstanding Employment Rate granted by Shandong Jianzhu University for several times.

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