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Introduction to School of Business

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The School of Business was founded in July 2004 from a merger of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Management Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. The School has been authorized to confer master degrees in the first-level discipline Business Administration, in three second-level disciplines, including Accounting, Corporate Management (including Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Management) and Technical Economics and Management, as well as in the specialty of Business Administration. It possesses six undergraduate programs, namely, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management and Logistics Management, among which, Accounting and Business Administration are two double-degree programs. The three college programs, International Business, Marketing and Accounting, are jointly offered by China and Australia. It has a national bilingual teaching demonstration course and four university excellent courses. The undergraduate program Business Administration is a characteristic discipline of the university, and the faculty team engaged in Business Administration and faculty team of bilingual business courses are both university-level excellent teaching teams. Currently, the School has an enrolment of 2349 full-time students. More than 5,000 students have graduated from the school since its foundation. They are widely popular among employers due to their wide knowledge and high qualification and abilities.

The School is currently staffed by 80 faculty members, including one State Council Expert for Special Allowance, one First Young and Middle-aged Experts With Outstanding Contributions of Shandong Province, one leading young and middle-aged academic scholar of Shandong Province, one Shandong Provincial Thousand Prestigious Technical Expert, 27 professors and associate professors, 21 PhDs and PhD candidates, one doctoral supervisor and one postdoctoral supervisor, two university-level prestigious teachers, 12 full-time master supervisors and six part-time master supervisors of other well-known universities, enterprises and governmental bodies.

The School possesses three research centers, one research institute, three laboratories, and 16 teaching practice bases. It has successively reached agreements on mutual recognition of credit with many foreign universities, such as Victoria University and Griffith University in Australia and Deggendorf University in Germany.

The School has always been engaged in scientific research and won numerous awards in recent years, including, one first prize, two second prizes and one third prize of Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, two second prizes and two third prizes of Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award of Shandong Province, two second prizes of Shandong Provincial Distinguished Achievements in Computer Application, and more than 20 prizes of Shandong Provincial Soft Science Award and Shandong Provincial University Distinguished Scientific Research Achievements. Since the year 2004, it has undertaken two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and one key scientific and technological project of Shandong Province, 10-plus soft science projects entrusted by the Ministry of Construction and Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and 10-plus projects entrusted by enterprises. Among the 400-plus papers that have been published, more than 50 of them are included by CSSCI and EI. Besides, there are more than 30 monographs and textbooks being published. With these remarkable publications, the School won two second prizes and two third prizes of Shandong Provincial Distinguished Teaching Achievements Award, and one first prize and one second prize of Shandong Provincial Excellent Textbooks Award. The course Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the charge of Professor Jiang Zhenjian is recognized as a national bilingual teaching demonstration course by the Ministry of Education, the first of this kind of Shandong Jianzhu University; the research project "Interactive Teaching & Learning in Large Classes", led by Doctor Ma Ruihua and jointly conducted in Sino-Australia efforts, is the first international teaching research project of Shandong Jianzhu University.

Following the business development trend, the School of Business establishes a platform for close cooperation with enterprises and government in fields of construction and real estate. Here, quality education, curricular education and undergraduate education are all available, aiming to broaden students' visions, enrich their theoretical knowledge of economy and administration, help them develop in an all-around way, and cultivate freethinking and innovative talents.

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