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Introduction to the School of Materials Science and Engineering

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School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shandong Jianzhu University has the subject of materials processing engineering which is one of the key subjects of Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial Clean Casting Engineering Research Center, and Shandong Provincial Materials Science and Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The school also offers a first-level discipline (materials science and engineering), an engineering master degree (materials engineering), and two bachelor's degree disciplines (materials science and engineering and materials molding and control engineering). There are currently 1210 undergraduate students and 52 graduate students in the school.

At present, the school has 61 faculty and staff, including 13 professors, 20 associate professors, three part-time doctor supervisors and 27 master supervisors. There are 26 teachers with doctor's degree, one teacher selected for the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project at first and second level, three experts of the State Council Expert for Special Allowance, three young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution of Shandong Province, two national outstanding teachers, two outstanding master supervisors in Shandong Province and one provincial outstanding teacher. The school also has two overseas distinguished professors of Taishan Scholars recognized by the provincial government.

The school owns a laboratory of 2600 m2 with instruments and equipment of 18 million yuan worth, including scanning electron microscope,X-ray diffracmeter, atomic force microscope, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, electrochemical workstation, high temperature differential scanning calorimetric apparatus and other large precision instruments. Experiment teaching for all courses of the school and other courses of mechanical engineering materials and materials science for the university is undertaken by the laboratory, along with many research programs sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The laboratory has become a base for the university's teaching, scientific research and innovation.

In recent years, the school has won more than 50 awards for its research achievements, such as Plastic Forming Theory and Process Tooling for Bent Pipe of Uniform Wall Thickness which won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress awards. Seven of the school's achievements have respectively won the first prize for technical invention awarded by the Ministry of Education, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award nominated by the Ministry of Education, the second prize of science and technology progress awards in Shandong Province and the second prize of natural science awards in Shandong Province. The school has led more than 100 government sponsored programs and partnership programs, including nine sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two sponsored by the Ministry of Education and other nearly 40 provincial programs, with funds of more than 12 million yuan. Teachers of the school have published more than 350 academic papers, 260 of which are included by SCI and EI, and have published nine books and 28 textbooks. The school has a number of research results commercialized creating benefits of more than 250 million yuan for enterprises.

The school has a long-term partnership with the University of Kentucky and the University of Wollongong, and has employed two overseas distinguished professors of Taishan Scholars form the two universities. Moreover, the school annually sends some visiting scholars for cooperative research to foreign universities. Recent examples include visits to the University of North Texas, North Dakota State University, The University of Regina, and Korea Institute of Material Science.

The school highlights cultivation of composite, qualified and competent talents by focusing on the students' innovation consciousness and practical skills. Graduates from school are well received with an employment rate above 95%. As a result, the school has been recognized as a model for facilitating employment of graduates by the university for four consecutive years. In recent years, students in the school have won one special prize, one first prize, four third prize, and 31 provincial prizes of the national "challenge cup" college students' science and technology competition series. They have published 39 papers on EI and won 45 national patents.

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