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Introduction to the School of Computer Science and Technology

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The School of Computer Science and Technology was established in 1999. It offers three undergraduate programs including computer science and technology, network engineering, and software engineering, and one postgraduate program on computer application technology. The school consists of three specialized and one basic teaching and research divisions, as well as one comprehensive laboratory and one computing center. Among its 90 staff members, 63 are full-time teachers including seven professors, 33 associate professors, 11 postgraduate supervisors, four university-level young academics and two teaching masters. Including the 16 teachers with doctor's degree, over 94% of the teachers have a degree of or above master. Currently, over 1000 undergraduates and postgraduates are registered in the school.

The school's laboratory owns fixed assets of about 15.84 million yuan and occupies an area of about 3456 square meters. It has six large-sized devices valued above 0.1 million yuan for each device (including one set of large-scale apparatus for internet comprehensive laboratory system valued 997,000 yuan), 120 hardware test chambers, more than 900 network switches, routers, network testers and optical fiber welders. These facilities may meet the needs of the school for basic experiment, comprehensive experiment and field training courses. The laboratory is composed of nine functional laboratories (computer theory, embedded systems, single-chip and interface technology, software and theory, software engineering, computer networks, integrated wiring, systems integration technology, and multimedia technology) and three research and innovation laboratories. The computer center is for the entire university for computer practice courses.

The school focuses on scientific research and social service. In recent years it has completed more than 40 government sponsored and partnership programs with a fund of over 3 million yuan. The school has won 15 provincial or departmental prizes and published over 300 papers, 60 of which were included by the world's three major indexes. The school has undertaken two programs sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and published more than 20 textbooks and monographs. The school is well-known and recognized in many research fields such as data warehouse, next-generation network architectures, and Petri nets.

Guided by modern pedagogies, the school aims to train innovative and high-quality students with a diversified cultivation mode to fulfil the needs of social and economic development. In recent years, the school has been active in broadening and deepening knowledge and providing interdisciplinary courses. It has built field training bases in well-known Chinese and international IT companies. Currently, the school has one national engineering practice education center, one university-level experimental teaching demonstration center, one university-level test center for innovative talent cultivation, two university-level quality courses module, two university-level teaching team, and the computer science and technology major is recognized as a provincial feature discipline, Through organizing and participating in a series of extracurricular science and technology activities, the school emphasizes on nurturing students' practical ability and increasing their competency in future employment market. Students have won many prizes in national contests such as the "Challenge Cup" series contest, Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, and Mathematical Modelling.

A total of more than 2,000 students have graduated from the school since its founding, some of whom continued their postgraduate study in many prestigious universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, and Nanjing University. Among the students, Wang Mi and He Wei were respectively awarded as one of the eighth and tenth session of top ten excellent university students of Shandong Province. The employment rate of graduates remains above 90% every year, a lot of whom work in well-known IT companies such as SinoCom, NEC, Inspur, CIVIC and government departments. The school is recognized as a model school for promoting employment of graduates and partnership with enterprise.

In pursuit of the university's motto, the school has developed its own culture featured by unity, ambition, pragmatism and innovation. Facing the future, the school will manage to train applied talents with superior competency through implementing the Outstanding Engineer program. The school will work hard to build well-known discipline and majors and promote its position among peers by owning first-class faculty and cultivating qualified graduates.

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