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Introduction to School of Science

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The School of Science has three undergraduate disciplines, namely, information and computing sciences, applied physics, optical information science and technology, and the discipline of condensed matter physics which is authorized to confer master's degree. At present, there are 1022 students, including 1011 undergraduates and 11 postgraduates. The school has six teaching and research offices, namely, public mathematics office, general physics office, mechanics office, information and computing sciences office, optoelectronic information technology office, optical information science and technology office, five laboratories, namely, Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, Mechanics Laboratory, Physics Laboratory of Photoelectric and Optical Information Disciplines, Information Security Laboratory, Engineering Computation Laboratory, and two research institutes and two research centers, namely, Nonlinear Analysis Research Institute, Photoelectric Technology Research Institute, Network Information Security Research Center, and Engineering Computation Software Research and Development Center. Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center is a first-class laboratory in Shandong Province, which won one national model award and two provincial model awards in recent ten years. There are 107 faculty members in the school, of whom 100 are full-time teachers including 36 with doctor's degree and 45 with master's degree. There are 12 professors and 47 associate professors including 1 doctoral supervisor and 12 supervisors of masters. Moreover, two faculty members are respectively recognized as national excellent teacher and provincial excellent teacher; four are provincial academic backbones, one is young and middle-aged expert with special contribution of Shandong Province, one is provincial distinguished teacher, three are distinguished teachers of Shandong Jianzhu University, six are top-notch talents, and four are young teaching experts. Besides, three won Provincial Youth Science and Technology Award and seven won Youth Teaching Excellence Award. Guo Boling, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Gaojie, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering are introduced. Besides, 11 teachers have learnt abroad as visiting scholars. A high-quality teaching and research team has basically formed with high academic standard, rigorous scholarship, and reasonable structure of title, education and age.

In recent years, the schoolhas won various awards including one second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, one University Invention Award of Ministry of Education, twoShandong Provincial Excellent Teaching Achievement Awards, six Shandong Provincial University Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Awards, twoShandong Provincial Soft Science Excellent Achievement Awards. The school has led a number of programs including nine programs sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund of China, 10 programs sponsored by National Natural Science Fund of Shandong, three programs sponsored byShandong Provincial Young and Middle-aged Scientists Award Fund, two programs sponsored by Science and Technology Project of Ministry of Construction, 11 other programs such as Science and Technology Project of Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of Shandong Province and Shandong Provincial Soft Science Project, and 30 programs of Shandong Jianzhu University. The school has oneexcellent course of Higher Mathematics of Shandong Province and eight excellent courses of Shandong Jianzhu University, published nine textbooks and 380 papers, of which 112 were included by SCI and EI Database. The school organized and guided the students to participate in the National Mathematical Contest, and won four provincial first prizes, 13 provincial second prizes, and 27 provincial third prizes. The school also organized students to participate in National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and won five national second prizes, nine provincial first prizes and 21 provincial second prizes.

The School actively organized students to participate in summer social practice activities, and for two consecutive years, its practice team was named provincial outstanding team and the instructor and several students were named provincial social practice models. Graduates from the school, with well-grounded knowledge and comprehensive quality, are working throughout the province and are spreading in the country with welcome by employers.

The school will further explore diversified methods to deepen research on target-oriented cultivation of talents. By strengthening study and practice of talent cultivation mode and working on the curriculum system and talent cultivation supporting system, the school will improve the quality of its graduates. Moreover, the school will take full use of resource advantage of the university and expand the extracurricular practice, organize the students to participate in engineering practice and various national contests, thus improving their comprehensive quality and innovative ability. Thus, graduates from the school will be cultivated to meet the needs of social development.

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