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Introduction to the School of Law and Political Science

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I History

The School of Law and Political Science is renamed from the Department of Law and Political Science, which was set up in 2004 out of its predecessor, the Department of Business Administration. The Department of Business Administration originated from the former Department of Social Sciences.

The former Department of Social Sciences was responsible for the teaching of public political theory of the entire university. It was restructured to the Department of Business Administration on June 11, 1999 and began to enroll students for the major of business administration for undergraduate education in September 1999. The advertising major was approved in 1999 and it began to enroll students in 2000. The law major was approved in 2000, and it began to enroll students for college education in 2001 and for undergraduate education in 2002. The social work major was approved in 2002, and it began to enroll students for undergraduate education in 2003. The granting right for master's degree of technological economics and management was approved in 2003, and that for basic principles of Marxism was approved in January 2006.

The university integrated disciplines for better share of resources in July 2004. The business administration major was placed under the new Business School. The advertising major was incorporated into the School of Arts. The Department of Law and Political Science was set up incorporating the law major, social work major and public theory courses. The Department of Law and Political Science was renamed to the School of Law and Political Science following the change of the university's name and the successful application for master's degree granting rights. .

II Scale

At present, the school has one major of basic principles of Marxism with master's degree granting right and two undergraduate majors of law and social work. The number of full-time students adds up to 847.

III Teaching Staff

The school has 76 teachers, among which 31 have senior professional titles, 22 have doctor's degree (including Ph. D candidate). The composition of academic title, educational background and age of the teachers is proper. In addition, the school employs 12 visiting professors from abroad and other universities. And 24 teachers have qualification of lawyer or social worker.

IV Achievements in Scientific Research

Encouraging progress has been made in scientific research in recent years. The school has undertaken about 48 research programs of provincial, departmental and ministerial level. The school published more than 20 academic books and textbooks and over 150 research papers. Especially, remarkable achievements are achieved in the research of teaching theory of "two political courses". In the past three years more than 90 papers in this regard have been published. More than 20 research programs have been established, including one national and six provincial ones. Among them, eight programs and papers won prizes above the provincial level.

V Literature

The library occupies an area of 160 square meters, including reference room I, reference room II and reading room.

Reference room I is intended for law and social work, with an area of about 40 square meters, equipped with 14 bookshelves. About 60,000 yuan has been spent for legal books since 2001. Now there are around 3,000 books in reference room I, covering jurisprudence, science of civil law, science of criminal law, science of civil procedure law, and international jurisprudence. About 30,000 yuan has been spent for social work books since 2002, and there are now more than 1,000 books covering sociology, social work, social welfare and social security, community correction, psychological counseling and mind-cure. In addition, about 140 pieces of teaching CD, valued 28,000 yuan, are stored in reference room I.

Reference room II is established for the two political courses with an area of about 80 square meters, equipped with 20 bookshelves. Reference room II was set up in 1978. After development of 27 years, it contains 12,000 books now, valued about 360,000 yuan, covering philosophy, pandect of social science, politics, economy, cultural education, language and writing, literature, art, history, and natural science. Reference room II also contains 1,200 bounded journals, valued about 60,000 yuan.

The reading room has 5 magazine shelves. Its area is about 40 square meters, holding 130 kinds of journals and 8 kinds of newspapers subscribed since 2005 with the value of 165,000 yuan. In addition, two computers are provided for teachers and students to look up information.

The reference rooms and reading room are accessible all day. Each year, 10 issues of catalogues for new books and journals are released. The library maintains close connection with peers of about 10 universities.

VI Experiment Facilities

The school has established two complex laboratories of law and social work, covering 500 square meters with an investment of more than 2 million yuan. The advanced moot court is open to the public. The survey and statistical data laboratory based on telephone interview is the only one in the province and can provide multiple social and market research services.

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