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Introduction to the School of Transportation Engineering

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The predecessor to the School of Transportation Engineering at Shandong Jianzhu University was School of Civil Engineering which was established in 1995. The discipline of Transportation Engineering was established in 2009. And the School of Transportation Engineering was established in April 2012. The School currently consists of three departments, namely Road and Railway Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Traffic and Logistics Engineering. The school has a key Laboratory of the “12.5 Project” of Shandong Province and four Research Institutes of Road Engineering, Transportation Planning, Bridge Engineering, and Slope Engineering. The School offers two undergraduate programs and one Master program of the first-level disciplines of transportation, which include four Master programs of the second-level disciplines. They are Road and Rail Engineering, Transportation Planning and Management, Traffic Information Engineering and Control, and Bridge and Tunnel Engineering. The School possesses the right of Master’s degree grant in the fields of transportation engineering and logistics engineering.

School of Transportation Engineering has more than 30 members of faculty and staff, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors. 12 faculty members own doctoral degrees, one member is rewarded as the national outstanding teacher, one member is national outstanding counselor. Besides, the School has a member of the Central Organization Department, the sixth installment of Dr. Mission, and an advanced educator of Shandong Province. The School owns three research teams, which are Road and Railway Engineering team, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering team, and Traffic and Logistics Engineering team.

In the recent five years, the school has published more than 400 papers. Among them, there are 60 papers indexed by the three International index systems. The school has also published 17 books, and carried out 17 projects which were founded by ministries, including more than 10 million yuan research funding. The results of 24 projects have approved by now. Remarkable results have been achieved in the field of scientific research, including the design theory of Semi Rigid and flexible asphalt pavement structure and experiment, analysis and design of asphalt pavement damage under dynamic loading, research of damage and Vibration-Reduction Control of curved beam bridges under strong earthquake, optimal theory and method of intelligent transportation management, etc. Many innovative achievements have been made in the fields of Rubber Asphalt and mixture, high modulus of asphalt mixture, warm mixture material of mix asphalt, huge slope disaster prevention and control of highway, and huge intelligent parking automatic control system, etc. The economic benefits of scientific and technological achievements are 300 million. In the recent five years, the school has received 1 China highway society science and technology award, 2 second prizes of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, 5 third prizes and 4 Natural Science Prizes of Shandong Province. Four subjects of Road building materials, Subgrade and pavement engineering, Road survey and design, and Bridge engineering are excellent courses of university.

At present, there are 411 students, and 61 full-time postgraduates. Students have great comprehensive qualities. Some have won national and provincial awards. Graduates are widely recognized by society. The employment rate is in the forefront of Shandong Province of the similar majors.

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