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Introduction to School of Physical Education

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Physical Education Division (PE Division), one of the 16 schools (divisions) of Shandong Jianzhu University, is in charge of physical education, group activities, athlete training, and sports games.

The PE Division includes the general office, the big ball teaching and research office, the small ball teaching and research office, the comprehensive teaching and research office, and the student physical examination center. It has 38 faculty and staff, including 31 full-time teachers; 17 associate professors, 11 teachers with a master's degree, and eight would-be masters. Well structured in knowledge, education background, age, and professional title, the faculty is credited with prominent teaching capabilities, high teaching research level, dedication, innovation, and harmonious development.

The sports venues cover an area of about 84,200 square meters, including one gymnasium, 2 track and field stadiums (an artificial turf soccer field, a bare ground soccer field), 30 basketball courts, 17 volleyball courts, eight tennis courts, two handball courts, one fitness center, one yoga studio, one outbound training base, three table tennis rooms, one aerobics studio, and one student physical examination room. These sports venues are furnished with sufficient facilities so that they can substantially meet the needs of physical education, athlete training, group activities, and outbound exchanges.

In order to achieve the goals of higher physical education and the implementation of education for all-round development of students and the physical education reform, the PE Division offers 13 required and elective courses with general courses for freshmen, special courses for sophomores, and elective courses for juniors and seniors.

After years of efforts, nine university-wide sports competitions, such as in basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, and tennis, have been carried out vigorously for the Sunny Sports program. Cooperating with 20 sports associations, "weekly activities and monthly plans" can be achieved. These effectively outspread the sports classroom space and diversify the sporting activities.

In recent years, the PE Division has published 83 research papers in national and provincial journals including 69 articles in core journals. In addition, three textbooks and three monographs are released. The course of basketball has been honored as a university-level excellent course. The PE Division is in charge of seven university-level teaching reform programs among which three have been concluded. It also participated in one provincial social science program and won one teaching achievement award.

In order to increase the social influence of Shandong Jianzhu University, the PE Division has established teams of chess, cycling, baseball, track and field, table tennis, badminton, men's basketball, and men's soccer. The Division won the second team prize in the "Ing Cup" National University Students Chess Tournament, the first prize in Shandong Students Table Tennis Championship for women's doubles, and the first prize in Shandong Students Badminton Championship for women's team.

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