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Introduction to School of Management Engineering

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The School of Management Engineering was founded in 1999. At present, the school consists of two first level disciplines of management science and engineering and public administration, one major with master's degree granting right of management science and engineering, with professional master's degree granting rights for project management and industrial engineering, as well as engineering master's degree granting rights for civil and construction management (with engineering project management as professional field), industrial engineering and project management. The discipline of management science and engineering was recognized as a key and prioritized discipline of the university and the "12th Five-Year Plan" of Shandong Province. The school is authorized to offer bachelor's degree in project management (PM), project cost management (PCM), real estate development and management (REDM), land resources management (LRM), information management and system (IMS) and industrial engineering (IE). The Sino-foreign Cooperative Education program in Project Management (PM) was launched. The Project Management (PM) program passed the Higher Education Professional Assessment of the Ministry of Construction and was also granted as the provincial professional brand. There are currently 3100 undergraduate students, 50 postgraduate students and 100 masters of engineering.


The school is organized into seven teaching and research sections: PM, PCM, REDM, LRM, IMS, IE, as well as EM. In addition to these seven, there are seven institutes within the school respectively specialized in the seven fields. There are 80 staff members in the school, and 70 of them are full-time teachers. Among them, 11 are professors, 22 are associate professors, 22 are master's supervisors, 19 are staff members with PhD degree and 42 staff members with master's degree, one is with chief professor post, four are with key professor posts, one is provincial young and middle-aged academic leader, one is university young and middle-aged academic leader and two are cultivation targets of university young and middle-aged academic leader. One teacher is recognized as distinguished teacher of Shandong Province. 30 are certified professional engineers.

The school's library owns more than 6000 books and more than 90 professional journals. The laboratories under the school include comprehensive laboratory in management science, laboratory in IE, BIM laboratory, Calculation Workshop, and Project Management Case Study Room.


After many years of efforts, the school has developed sound disciplines and majors, featured by specific objectives, complete teaching conditions, standard teaching management, active research and academic communication and desirable style of learning. The school has formed seven research fields and teams, including the team of construction economy and project governance led by Professor Sha Kaixun, the team of construction economy analysis and investment assessment led by Professor Chen Qijun, the team of city construction and project management led by Professor Xu Youquan, the team of real estate development and management and land resource management led by Professor Wang Haizi, the team of construction enterprise management and construction organization management led by Professor Sang Peidong, the team of construction technology and organization management led by Professor Zhao Jinkai, and the team of construction biding and contract management led by Professor Li Yongfu. PM division was granted as a Provincial Professional Brand. PCM program was rated as professional special major. The teaching team of PM and PCM was recognized as a provincial teaching team. Five courses, including project cost estimation and project management, were rated as provincial excellent courses.


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